Our knowledge, accreditations and experience allow us to help you with any type of audit that you have to adress.

AMIQ will conduct an objective and in-depth review of the organization and its processes to confirm that the regulatory and organizational requirements are met.

We not only audit. We help your organization to design and implement the most appropriate solutions to the problems detected, and value their effectiveness.

Have you adapted your quality system and want to know if you will overcome the external audit?

We audit your organization in order to pass the process successfully

Do your suppliers follow the regulations you require?

We conduct high-level audits

Do you need to audit your system in an unbiased and objective way?

We are experts in reviewing the processes of companies from the vision of continuous improvement

Consult our areas of work:

Packaging, Food Safety, Quality and Environment, Medical Device, Laboratories


The GAP analysis allows making an assessment at any time regarding to a reference standard.

  • Know the starting situation before beginning a certification process.
  • Aim your ability to complete an external audit successfully.
  • Identifies improvement points, evaluates criticality, and suggests resolution alternatives.


The internal audit provides you an objective and impartial review of the level of compliance with internal and external standards that your company wants to meet.

  • Prepares the organization to overcome the external audit process.
  • Identifies deviations and the most appropriate actions to correct them.
  • Identifies company’s areas for improvement.


We review in a standardized way the operations of third companies:

  • Critical providers for the quality of the products or services you offer.
  • Organizations that you plan to acquire or hire.



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Certification demonstrates your credibility in the market: in front of authorities, customers, suppliers and competitors.

Amiq will review the status of your organization regarding the certification to be obtained and will establish a personalized work plan, adapting it to the characteristics of the company, its situation and the required deadline. Meeting the certification deadlines is an essential requirement of Amiq to help our clients achieve their goals.

We not only generate the documents required by the standards. We are involved in meeting the requirements of the standards ensuring effective implementation and improvement of work processes. The level and the experience of our consultants make it possible.

Do you need to have an internationally recognized quality certification?

We guarantee 100% to obtain the required certification within the deadline established.

Do you need to integrate a new standard into your current Quality Management System?

We are specialists in the integral management of general and sectorial Quality Systems.

Do you want to adapt your Management System to the new versions of the standards? Are you clear about the changes and how to apply them into your company?

We have succeeded in 100% of our customers: packaging, quality, environment, medical device, etc.

Consult our areas of work:

Packaging, Food Safety, Quality and Environment, Medical Device, Laboratories


Certification improves the corporate image and opens the doors to otherwise inaccessible markets.

  • We provide specialized, high-level assistance in the end-to-end certification process.
  • Achieve maximum recognition quality certification.


System integration allows you to manage different certifications in a single management system.

  • Optimize processes by integrating all management systems into one.
  • Reduce certification and management costs.
  • Make the system easily expandable.


Adapting to new regulatory requirements is key to maintaining certifications.

  • We provide support adapting the management system to the standards new versions.
  • Amiq helps you with OHSAS certification transition to ISO 45001.
  • Update ISO 13485 and ISO 17025 to the new versions.

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Amiq’s essence translates into the willingness to provide suport to our clients in order to ensure the success of their business project.

Amiq provides support at the organizational level with the aim of optimizing internal processes, increasing profitability, reducing direct costs and having greater knowledge and control of processes.

Our level of knowledge and expertise allows us to assist your organization in updating and interpreting technical and quality regulatory requirements. We continuously maintain and improve the quality management system implemented.

Do you need support to keep the Quality Management System up to date?

We are your Quality department.

Have you decided to export your sanitary or food products?

We support you in keeping up to date with the applicable regulatory requirements.

Are you growing in a disorganized way and need help?

We help you optimizing and improving your processes

Consult our areas of work:

Packaging, Food Safety, Quality and Environment, Medical Device, Laboratories


Keeping the management system up to date is key to take advantage of the benefits of quality certification.

  • We focus the system maintenance to the organization improvement.
  • We help you identifying strategic improvement areas.
  • We find solutions to the problems identified.


Keeping abreast of regulatory developments is key in order to ensure your products and services legality.

  • We systematically review the legal requirements applicable to your sector.
  • We help you interpreting and implementing regulatory requirements.


With or without certification, be organized is key to the success of any business project.

  • We provide you support to improve efficiency and profitability.
  • We help you defining the most appropriate indicators to control the processes development.
  • We analyze the results and suggest improvements.

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The involvement and training of staff is crucial for the proper operating of any organization and management system.

We train the staff to ensure that everyone works according to the established protocols and that they know the regulations and technical requirements that apply to their jobs.

Through Focus Group we encourage the participation of the organization’s staff in the identification and implementation of process improvements.

Do you need to make your staff aware of the importance of complying with the work routines?

We prepare a tailor-made course.

Is your staff up-to-date with the rules that apply to their job?

We train and qualify your key personnel.

Do you want to involve the company's staff in process improvement?

We organize and lead work groups in which everyone is heard and can suggests improvements.

Consult our areas of work:

Packaging, Food Safety, Quality and Environment, Medical Device, Laboratories


The involvement of the company’s personnel in the operation of the implemented management system is key to achieve the objectives of the company.

  • We train the staff and we involve him in the correct operation.
  • Training the staff we ensure the success of the processes implementation.


We are specialists in the areas we work. This allows us to transfer technical knowledge to your organization staff.

  • Keep staff up-to-date on current technical regulations and applicable sectorial legislation.
  • We inform you quickly about regulatory changes.


Staff participation is key to getting involved in the project.

  • We organize and lead small group work sessions to identify areas for improvement
  • We give voice to the staff of the organization in order to find the optimal way to work

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